Going Green Collect

R. L. Mark launched our Going Green Collect Program (GG) in 2013 with the intention of reducing the impact of print waste in Barbados through the recycling of empty toner, ink cartridges and decommissioned print devices. The program operated across all brands at no cost to participants.

Program Closure

While we were encouraged by the response of our many program partners the logistic and economic cost to operate the initiative has become unsustainable.  It is with great disappointment therefore that we announce that from Nov 1st our Going Green Collect program will be put on indefinite hold.  We thank you for your partnership.  We also want to commend and thank Caribbean E-waste Management Inc. who helped us implement key elements of our GG program over the past five years.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

As an environmentally responsible corporate citizen R. L. Mark will continue to seek creative ways to contribute to environmental sustainability in Barbados. In this regard we will embrace and promote new Green technologies and continue work with other environmentally conscious individuals and companies to make a difference.

Thank you once again for your partnership in the RLM Going Green Collect program.