It’s your responsibility to manage risk in your company, and one area in particular you simply can’t afford to overlook security in is your print environment. Whether you process receipts or cut checks, print confidential reports or manage HIPAA-protected records, Managed Print Services (MPS) is an essential part of a healthy risk management strategy. Here are a few reasons why MPS should be considered when developing your business’ risk management plan.

Workflow Integration – With MPS, you’ll be provided with tools to seamlessly integrate documents into your existing workflows, improving both security and efficiency. Sensitive incoming documents can be digitally captured with a scanner and then shredded at the same workstation, all while your financial team can print checks from a secure location.

Information Security – With a robust MPS solution, you can end the risky process of sending important files to external print shops by printing everything in-house—the only people who will have access to your data are your own employees. From financial paperwork and human resource files, to customer addresses and confidential business plans, you’ll keep control of your sensitive data.

Data Encryption
– Your MPS provider will ensure that your data remains secure through encryption–encoding your information so that unauthorized parties are unable to read it. Print jobs will be sent across your network using encrypted data, and hard drives on the printers themselves can be encrypted as well. Copies of recent print jobs won’t be left as sitting ducks for data theft; instead, MPS makes sure they are automatically scrubbed from a printer’s short-term memory.

Usage Oversight – MPS usage data enables you to identify suspicious print behavior and keep an audit trail of print jobs. You’ll be able to see who printed what, when, and on which device. You can even designate print limits for individual users or departments. Through real-time monitoring of your print fleet, MPS provides outstanding control and visibility of your print environment.

Human Error – People are your greatest asset—and, paradoxically, one of your biggest liabilities. However, MPS’s programmed defaults will make sure documents go to the right printer every time. And by utilizing ‘pull printing,’ a user must enter an access code or scan their security card at the machine to release a job for print, making print jobs abandoned by distracted users a thing of the past.

Risk management is not optional for businesses of any size. Fortunately, MPS can provide valuable security tools for your company. From data encryption to pull-printing, Managed Print Services is a critical component of risk management. Call us today for an assessment and put MPS to work for you.