What’s your preference, voicemail or email? Here are some pointers to help you decide when to email your message or when to pick up the phone instead.

Email is essential to modern business communication. Here are some reasons why: You can respond to an email on a noisy subway train, in a crowded business convention, or after hours when you’re burning the midnight oil. It’s more difficult to make a phone call in these settings, so email is often preferred for business travelers or busy professionals who are in and out of meetings all day. Additionally, many Millennials and smartphone-savvy business execs prefer emails as their main form of communication.

However, voicemail still has its merits, including the following: A voice conveys much more than written text, and can communicate tone
much easier than a written message. So, use voicemail to communicate sensitive messages. Additionally, those with limited access to technology or who consider themselves technology novices prefer voicemail. Voicemail is also a great option for targeting prospective clients, as company phone numbers remain easier to acquire for some than individual email addresses. Relying solely on email may also damage your business’s reputation.