Color increases a reader’s attention span and recall by more than 82 percent. Think about how adding color can impact your company’s brand recognition or the success of your latest promotional push. Your customers will pay more attention to your message and be able to remember more of it if color is incorporated into your printed materials.

Color increases comprehension by 73 percent. You want readers to absorb your message and make sense of it as it relates to them. Using color helps to increase the likelihood that your customers will truly understand the point that you’re trying to make, and will make them more receptive to you message.

Color increases payment response by up to 30 percent. When you are talking about money in your pocket, 30 percent is nothing to scoff at. Try incorporating color in next quarter’s invoices, or highlighting key information like account numbers, due dates, and total amount due in color. (Don’t forget to change to the color version of your logo while you’re at it!) Then compare payments received to those of your previous quarter. Research suggests you should see a bump in accounts paid.